Refund clause:
1.Your terms of payment will be based on the way you pay, which is determined by an agreement between you and a financial institution of your choice, a credit card issuer or other payment service provider (payment service provider). If winkhot does not accept the payment service provided by your "payment service provider".
2.You agree to pay all accounts payable for the purpose of using our services. If your account has been paid, you can ask us to change the status of your payment. Once your account has been cancelled, your payment status will expire on the date of your final payment.
3.The paid status is not transferable.
4.The paid status of winkhot is final sales, and no refund can be made. The disputed expenses should be reported to winkhot within 60 days after purchasing the service. If there is any doubts, please contact us.
5.winkhot will refund within 7 working days after receiving the refund-application.